Going for Godliness #SundaySuggestion

This year begins on a Sunday so I am kicking off the year with a Sunday Suggestion.

One of the most popular posts of last year was – Go for a Goal – which was another Sunday Suggestion. I could launch 2023 with a similar theme, but I am sure you will hear enough about New Years’ Resolutions in the coming days. Instead, let me ask you – how ought you to live your life as a Christian in 2023?

Peter, in his second letter, talks of the end of all things. He says this:

Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives

2 Peter 3:11 NIV

Peter instructs that as all things will end one day, we ought to live our lives in holy and godly ways.

These words are in reference to the end of the world or the last days, and we could spend much time discussing if we are indeed in the last of the latter times. We certainly see many signs that Jesus warned us of, and yet every generation believed itself to be the final one. Two things are for sure; 1) we are closer to the end than we were yesterday, and 2) life is short and last days or not, each of us could find ourselves standing before the Lord a lot sooner than we ever thought possible.

Given this, it is all the more vital that you and I live holy and godly lives. My suggestion for you today, and for this entire year, is to go for godliness.

What is godliness, and how do we go for it?

What is #godliness? How can we be #holy? #Bible #Jesus #Christianity

Godliness and holiness are close cousins. To be holy is to be set apart for a specific purpose – namely, to serve God. Godliness is to be like God in character, and to think and act in accordance with His will.

This is not easy for us to achieve, and impossible in our own strength. Only through constant study of God’s Word and fellowship with Him and His Spirit can we ever hope to act in a godly manner. Our born-again heart might be new, but we wrestle with our sinful nature and conquer it through prayer and the renewing of our minds.

Going for godliness is to put God first in your life, and to prioritise Christian practices over the things of this temporary world. Watching TV  is not wrong, nor is any of your hobbies, but if they replace your fellowship with Christ, then you will never be able to live as you ought.

It is not something you can do overnight, and in fact, will take effort each and every day of 2023. You do not go it alone, as you have the continual comfort of the Holy Spirit, and the fellowship of believers who travel  with you.

Decide today to made 2023 the most godly year of your life to date. Put God first, and live in accordance with the Scriptures and in line with the Gospel. Pray for me as I do the same, and let us each look forward to the coming of our Lord – sooner or later.

God bless you this year!

6 thoughts on “Going for Godliness #SundaySuggestion

  1. Thank you for these wise words to begin 2023 Andy!
    I was pondering on Saturday night how to improve my balance as a believer, and decided one thing I needed was more intense reading of His Word over other things. Particularly so that I can repeat read books of the Bible to soak in them. Immediately my answer came in the form of an app that plays audio of the Bible with rolling text, which makes prolonged reading much easier. God is good indeed!

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  2. Amen, Andy! Growing and maintaining fellowship with our Heavenly Father takes work. Jesus was such a busy guy he often woke up long before dawn to pray. God doesn’t have an addictive app with little red numbers over an icon–staring at you. Every believer has to make a conscious effort –through prayer, Bible study, and Christian fellowship–to know God more in 2023. I will indeed pray for you this year, brother!

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    1. Thanks David. Thanks for your comment and your prayers, much appreciated. Despite how good God is all of the time, I’m amazed at myself at how often I am distracted by the things of this earth. I hope to give him his rightful place in my life this year, and to keep him there!


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