img_0560Andy Brown is a Christian husband and father of four wonderful daughters. He lives in a small village in Essex in the east of England, UK.

He has been following Jesus for over twenty years, and has been lay preaching for ten years. He was an Elder in his previous church (another part of the UK) where he served for over eight years and led house Bible study groups.

Andy has written many articles and a 40-day devotional booklet. In addition to his blog site here, he is working on authoring various books. Details of which will be posted here once complete.

Andy says –

When I encountered God for the first time, I had no idea Who I was meeting. Truth be told, I was overwhelmed by fear and felt totally unworthy in His sight. I knew nothing of the Bible or how much God loved me.

Over the years, I have learned that God is not angry with me and that He has gone to incredible lengths to wipe away my sin forever through His Son Jesus Christ.

I have had a teaching gift for as long as I can remember, often sharing facts and figures with friends and family – whether they were interested or not! As I have developed my relationship with God, I’ve discovered a prophetic gifting in me which I’m learning to use in God’s service.

I have a very long way to go, but am so glad God intervened in my life! I hope that I can share my journey with you, and that your relationship with God will be enriched as a result.

God bless you!