UK Christian Bloggers – Andy Brown (Best of 2022)

For my final best of the year series of posts, I want to share one from the UK Christian bloggers.

Over the last year, a group of UK-based bloggers have been getting together regularly to pray and swap stories. It’s been a tremendous encouragement. I want to publicly thank each and everyone of them today.

If you are looking for something to read or watch, do check out their blogs. There is some wonderful material there and you will not be disappointed.

Hi! My name is Andy Brown, you may remember me from such blogs as…! It has indeed been some time since my last proper post, although I have tried to share some older material and some great posts from friends and fellow bloggers. Life has gotten rather busy and my writing has suffered. I…
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8 thoughts on “UK Christian Bloggers – Andy Brown (Best of 2022)

  1. It’s been a blessing connecting with you Andy and all the other beautiful believers out there who have blessed, encouraged, challenged and sharpened me this year through their posts and comments. Keep up the great work and thank you for your blog.

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  2. Some of my closest Christian blogger friends live in the UK! I’m gotten used to thinking six hours ahead (the time difference between 🇺🇸and 🇬🇧). I follow all the blogs you mentioned and highly recommend them! Happy 2023, Andy!

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  3. Hi Andy! I must agree with you brother, the fellowship and support of the UK group, and our other international brethren, has been a great source of comfort and guidance in the last year. Each member of our small group is very different and brings their own gifts to our gatherings, what a blessing they are. May our Father God continue to guide and bless us all as we follow Him in 2023!

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  4. Amen brother Andy! It has been a real blessing meeting you all online and having fellowship! It’s so needed! So often I stay isolated working (well my last week this week) and detached from people – only my wife who is such a blessing to have fellowship with! It means a lot meeting fellow believers in Christ. I hope and pray you have a blessed year brother. God bless 🥰


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