Go for a Goal! – Sunday Suggestion

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 3:14 (NIV)

I want to begin this new year with a series I’ve entitled “Sunday Suggestion.” It’s not too cryptic, and I intend it to be a fairly brief post each week about how you can make the most of your Sunday, and engage more fully with your church.

As it is a new year where people are setting themselves various resolutions, why not set yourself some goals around church?

You might want to improve your attendance, and commit to being there each week no matter what other offers you get.

You might want to set a goal that you will make notes during each sermon and review them throughout the week.

You may wish to set a goal to help out in the youth or children’s group, or serve coffee after the service.

There are any number of things you could commit to this coming year, and don’t do so lightly. Sit down with the Lord later today and ask Him what He might want you to do. If you get a clear direction, then go for it.

I know that goal setting can become a legalistic exercise at times, and I do not want that for you. Equally, I know life can be extremely busy and the thought of taking on something new might leave you in a cold sweat. If that’s the case, then do not feel you must take something new on. Perhaps your goal could be to prioritise your activities so you can be all the more fruitful for the Lord?

Write the goal down somewhere where you will see it often. If you don’t have a useful place, set a reminder on your phone or tablet to keep the goal in your mind.

Lastly, tell someone about your goal. Ask them to help you stay on track, or to at least review it in a few months. Accountability keeps us honest.

If you intend to go for a new goal this year, please share it below (if you are happy to do so). I’m sure others will be inspired to do the same, and we can help one another stay on track.

8 thoughts on “Go for a Goal! – Sunday Suggestion

  1. Excellent idea Andy! My goal this year was set by His Spirit recently; that is to attend church but also to endeavour to participate as much as possible. This will be challenging as it is somewhere I haven’t been made welcome previously.

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    1. Sounds like an excellent goal Alan, thank you for sharing. Sorry to hear you have not always been made to feel welcome there. Churches should be welcoming places.

      If you do not mind me saying, as I was writing my reply to your comment, I sensed the Lord. A very brief image of you serving gladly in that place. Perhaps I am mistaken, but perhaps it is a nudge to go and give what you can to that fellowship?

      And as I wrote, I sense that even if this fellowship does not bless you in return for your service, that God will more than make up for it.

      I am always reluctant to say God said this or that, but I share this with you and hope it is encouraging.

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  2. Thank you Andy for sharing the Spirit’s promptings regarding my church issue; it is encouraging to hear this. I believe timing is everything in such things…His timing, which is always perfect. We serve a wonderful Saviour and a Holy Father, who hear and see all things in our life walk. God bless you dear brother.

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  3. These are good goals, Andy. My favorite three hours of the week are Sunday from 9:30-12:30, so these aren’t very challenging for me – I am so blessed to be part of my church. Since my husband and I are retired and spend half the year in another state, I am not in the regular nursery rotation, but someone is always sending out an email looking to switch with someone, so I substitute on occasion. (This is an extra blessing when they find out I’m just filling in, and they don’t have to take a shift some other time.) This year I’m going to try to sub for someone at least once a month.


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