Even the Demons Believe – Andy Brown

Do you believe in God? It’s a straightforward question I suppose, but often with a complex answer. Some might respond with: Which God do you mean?I believe in a Higher Power, if that counts?There must be something, right? How might you reply to the same question? If you are reading this blog, then the chances…
— Read on andy-brown.org/2021/01/06/even-the-demons-believe/

5 thoughts on “Even the Demons Believe – Andy Brown

  1. Brother, I must tell you, the first time I saw your title I read it too fast. What I saw was, “ Even the Demons Believe Andy Brown.” I thought, “Go Andy! Preach the WORD!!” (I left out the dash).😊

    In a sense, it’s true. Through God‘s power we have the ability to stand up against the strongest proponents of evil


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