Good Friday

What does Good Friday mean to you? For the Christian, it means everything.

Good Friday is the day where we remember the cross, and the death that Jesus Christ died on our behalf. It is hard to grasp what that truly means. The perfect, sinless, Son of God gave up His life for us – imperfect, sinful, unholy creatures who called for His crucifixion in the crowd.

You might not think of yourself as a “sinner” but you need not be a murderer to qualify. Ever lied? Ever hurt someone’s feelings? Ever not done something you knew you should have? Then, like me, you are in the club…

Sin leads to death and separation from God. While that may not bother you now, one day you will leave this Earth and have to face God. In that moment, you will experience an eternity paying for those sins.

But praise God! He has made a way out by sending His Son – Jesus Christ – who lived and died for us.

If you want to be sure of your eternal future, then place your faith in Christ. Trust Him with your entire life.

I now share a few thoughts from a good friend – Andy Berry of the Berry Bunch, and pray that if you need to, you will respond today – on this Good Friday. And may I take this opportunity to wish you a very blessed Resurrection season!

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