Preaching to the Choir – Andy Brown (Best of 2022)

Are you preaching to the choir? Is that wasteful, or does the choir need your encouragement as well? It was a great pleasure yesterday evening to meet (on video) a couple of fellow Christian bloggers, and lovely to share some of our stories, questions and experiences of ministering through this medium. It was humbling to…
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5 thoughts on “Preaching to the Choir – Andy Brown (Best of 2022)

  1. I remember this one Andy, which for me is miraculous. As I read your excellent reflection on the matter of “preaching to the choir” it hit home again, but in a new way. The last wee while God has put a more direct burden on me, well to be more direct in my writing! I feel a greater urgency now than I did a year ago to share the Gospel, and I pray that the Spirit will challenge other writers for Him in this way too.
    God bless you and your family dear brother 🙏

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    1. Thank you Alan. Yes, indeed, the time that remains to share the gospel is ever growing smaller. Maybe Jesus will not return our lifetimes, but he will indeed one day. We are right to feel a burden to preach the good news to all those who need to hear it. God bless you and your family today.

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  2. I remember this one, as well, Andy. I have also hit “publish” and wondered if anyone benefited from what God put on my heart. As you said, each of us has our own little Christian corner of the blogosphere. If we do the best we can with what we have God will take care of the rest. Blessings!

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