A Protective Father – Andy Brown

At long last, we move on to Acts 5. This chapter opens with a rather disturbing set of events, and I want to try to shed some light on what is happening here. This particular passage is a difficult one, and I admit to having struggled with it for many years. I will explain why,…
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8 thoughts on “A Protective Father – Andy Brown

  1. Amen. yes this one always threw me a bit

    for yeras i was convinced it must have been an Old Testament piece of scripture, until i realised it was not!

    i loved how you wrote this. there is an awful lot of food in this short passage – it speaks of the importance in God’s eyes of sanctified places and so much more

    Andy B

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      1. Andy, as I revisited Acts 5 paying attention to all that you pointed out did give me a better understanding of this passage. God cannot be mocked indeed. Ananias and Sapphira, wanted the praise and glory that came from their pretended generosity. In light of your other post where you mention Achan’s sin and how confessing sin gives God glory. When we read the part here about Saphira, she is asked by Peter if that was the actual price of the land. It was giving her a chance to confess and give God all the glory (when they were seeking glory for themselves among the people).


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