Listening carefully

Today, by way of a change, I share a very brief audio message about listening to God. Hope you enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Listening carefully

  1. Great point about listening to God. I have actually heard His voice, audibly, but haven’t met any else, personally, who has also experienced that. But, reading scripture is listening to His voice too, since we’re made in His image 🙂.

    Thanks for the mention.

    It’s actually 100 episodes this season, and 148 in total 😉

    Andy B

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  2. I enjoyed this quite a lot, Andy! Being a middle-aged man, I’ve been having a hard time hearing conversations, especially in noisy environments. I went for a hearing test the other day and found out I have a hearing loss in the higher frequencies. The audiologist explained that conversations in a quiet room are no problem for me, but become much more difficult to understand in a crowded room. Of course. The spiritual analogy is we must be still in order to hear God – in a quiet room. Again, I enjoyed this. Thank you!

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    1. Thanks David, and sorry to hear about your hearing loss. As you say, he presents a good spiritual analogy however… Only being able to hear a conversation in a quiet room is exactly why we need to set aside dedicated time with the Lord to listen to what he has to say to us. Our lives are often so busy he is frequently drowned out!

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