Nod from God #TestimonyTuesday

Not wanting to miss the boat on #TestimonyTuesday, I thought I’d share a brief snippet with you.

It is not my testimony but rather a minor thing which happened to me once.

A skyscraper

When I left university, I had little idea of what I wanted to do with my life. I took a job at a local employer and consider it my first “real” job. I was young then, both in age and experience, and it was rather daunting to step into this new world.

On day one, someone came by and handed me a wadge of papers. “Fill these out,” they said, “and give them to Alice.” Before I had a chance to ask anything, they were gone. I did indeed fill them out, but literally had no idea who Alice was! The building housed 1500 employees, and for me (with problems with my sight) the thought of trying to find said mystery woman was no easy task! I asked a few of my new colleagues, and they were not exactly sure.

I did all I could, and prayed! I asked God to help me find this Alice, and then set the papers to one side and carried on doing my other work. A while later, I looked up to see a small group of colleagues talking, and one of them said, “Alice…” addressing one of the others. This was the Alice I needed, and she walked right past my desk and I was able to hand her the papers then and there.

This is, in the grand scheme of things, a miniscule event but it was God’s way of reminding me of His presence in my life. I knew, in that moment, that Goid had answered this simple prayer and I knew that He would continue to support me.

Has God given you these little nods from time to time? Just small encouragements that remind you of His constant love for you?

Praise Him for the big things in life, yes, but don’t forget to thank Him for the small as well!

Do share below any “nods from God” which He has given to you.

Have a great Tuesday!

15 thoughts on “Nod from God #TestimonyTuesday

  1. I love how God cared for the detail of putting, right in front of you, the right person.

    A 1 in 1,499 chance perhaps, but i don’t believe in coincidences.

    Praise God that He takes every concern we have, and treats it as though it the most important thing in the world!

    So very encouraging to read this testimony of yours.

    Andy B

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  2. I love this, Andy! Yes, God has spent my entire life nodding 🥰😊! Not only did he save my life, he led me to people who needed car help, put the right person in my midst when I was literally lost, …and so many other times. Thank you for sharing, Andy! I bet us believers would have so much fun just sitting with coffee and sharing nod stories! Stay blessed!

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  3. God is good in the small things as well as the big things – well illustrated in a very practical way Andy. One wee thing that I have been blessed by God is when I go to hospital in Kirkcaldy. Disabled parking spaces are gold dust in our hospital, there have been a few occasions when I have prayed driving to hospital, driven into a packed car park only for a car to vacate a space right at the front door just in front of me! I will be praying that on Wednesday this week.

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  4. I have enjoyed “God winks” such as these before too, Andy. It’s amazing How He meets our needs—both large and small. Case and point: I’ve been trying to follow your blog but the button wouldn’t work. Today it did!

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