Is it worth it?

Blogging is extremely rewarding, but can also be quite frustrating. You pour your heart into a post, and it gets only single-digit views. When you can lean out of your window, shout your words and reach a larger audience, it is natural to ask yourself… is it worth it?

I have mused about the fickleness of blogging in a previous post called – On (Christian) Blogging.

Sometimes a blog post comes together quickly, while other times it is a real effort and takes much time. On those days when it takes extra exertion, it can be disheartening to look at your stats and realise that hardly anyone has read it.

Just prior to the new year, I hit a new record on my site and exceeded the best views I had received in a single day. Such things are really encouraging, and it has pushed me forward to posting daily once again. On the back of that “success” though, it can feel like a great fall to drop down to low views once again.

I am guilty of being a bit stats obsessed, it has to be said. I do like to check on views and the performance of my post, and spend much time figuring out the algorithm and wondering why one post attracts lots of views while another does not. It comes from my day job – did you know I have a day job? In “real life” I am a statistician, and spend a lot of my life reviewing data and drawing conclusions. It is therefore hardly surprising that I start to do the same thing on my blog.

Taking an interest in your stats is not wrong, but too much can be unhealthy.

So, on the days where a post gets only a few views (or none at all!) – is it worth it?

If the Lord has called you to write, then do it faithfully. It matters not how many people read it, although of course that helps, but the important thing is to do what Jesus has instructed you. I feel led to write, and so I am going to keep doing it. If even one person reads it, then it is worth it.

If the Lord has called you to write, then do it faithfully #Bible #Writing #Blog #Christianity

I recall hearing a preacher once giving their testimony. They felt as though God was calling them to speak, and that the message would reach people all over the world. Naturally, they were extremely excited by this notion. Too soon though, they became obsessed with the idea and tried and tried again to make their ministry grow. It only did when they finally laid it down before the Lord. God asked them if He called them to speak to a handful of people in a small church for the rest of their life, would they do it? Only when they could said yes, and mean it, did their ministry start to increase.

I have no lofty ambition for my words to be read by thousands across the globe – although I would not turn it down you understand! But I also know that the bigger my audience, the bigger my responsibility.

The bigger your audience, the bigger your responsibility #Bible #Ministry #Blog #Christianity

What is God calling you to do? If it is to teach a half dozen children in a Sunday School for forty years, do it gladly. If it is to write a blog and have it read by ten people a day, then do that. Nearly everyone I know has a blog or a website or some form of content, but we can’t all be creators or there would be no one left to consume!

I will leave you with this thought. Every time you write a Christian blog post, it is there for people to find when they are ready. Maybe no one will read it today or tomorrow, but perhaps next year when the time is right, they will click that link and give their lives to Jesus. On that day, you will be able to say – it was  worth it!

We may never know on this side of heaven what our faithfulness to God will achieve. Imagine someone swinging past your place in heaven and saying thank you! Perhaps God used your words, actions or ministry to reach them, and you will be glad you did it.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Galatians 6:9 (NIV)

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9 #Bible #faith #Christianity

17 thoughts on “Is it worth it?

  1. Hi Andy, as a fellow Christian blogger, I can identify with some of your observations and of course, some of the thoughts that may cross our minds from time to time. Numbers or statistics, can be deceiving and not necessarily represent reality and can change over time for many reasons, a number of which, we may not be privy to. I, like you, am sometimes pleasantly surprised and sometimes disappointed, but I have learned a few lessons over the years.

    Being faithful to the conviction you have is important and the benefits are not always displayed in the statistics. Sometimes we see or get a positive response and other times we don’t, while at other times, it is ourselves that is being taught, which frequently takes considerable time. And writing is not always the easiest form of communication and there are many lessons to be learned. Plus it never hurts to be mindful that we are but one of many (many bigger and some smaller) that plants seeds through this medium.

    I view blogging as a form of discipline, that meets a number of objectives. Some are for myself in my walk with our Lord and some are for others, who may or may not always see things as I currently do. Once is a while what I have written meets a need of another, oftentimes it merely is an opportunity to give encouragement, or let someone else know that they have been heard. It can be a form of lifting, informing or teaching, but in essence it is a means whereby we reach out to another and share of ourselves. And indeed it is rewarding because friendships do develop and many lessons can be learned, especially with regard to appreciation of others and the many ways that God works.

    Think of it as you and Jesus walking down a path together and He teaches you as you go. You’ll be surprised at what He shows you that you may have not ordinarily seen. And don’t be overly concerned about the numbers, faithfulness and learning what our Lord can do, both in us and others, are the real objectives.

    May our gracious Lord bless you and yours with His grace, peace and blessings Andy.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Bruce. There is much wisdom in your words!

      I echo your thoughts on blogging being a discipline. For me, many of my blog posts derive from or even part of my time with Jesus. Writing “forces“ me to engage with the Scriptures, and the Lord who inspired them. When I am not writing, it can be a little too easy to neglect quality time with Jesus. So it is very helpful you have raised that point, thank you

      Statistics can be misleading and helpful all at the same time. You are right that we should not become too interested in them. They may be encouraging and disappointing, but there are much better measures of success in the Lord’s kingdom.

      Thank you for your words of blessing to, and I echo them back to you. May you and your family be enriched by your relationship with Jesus and experience many blessings today. Thank you once again

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  2. “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9 (NIV)”

    This sums up perfectly how our heart should be towards the ministry God has given us to share with Him.

    Thanks Andy

    Keep on keeping on!!!

    I’m pretty sure God must get sad that not enough people have still not heard about His son…His reach us great, but God keeps on after us – a great image of how we should be!

    Fab article – Thankyou

    Andy B

    (And yes the day job means you’re naturally gonna swing towards the stats – that’s How God made you!)

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  3. Amen, Andy! I really enjoyed this post. I completely understand it. I try very hard to post once a week. Part of my reason for beginning to blog was through healing~healing from a health issue that ended my career in education earlier than I wanted~and to hopefully, just simply, be a light in a dark world. Like you stated, if someone reads a post, old or new, (just ONE) that might be encouraged, than I’m fulfilling my mission. I have let go of expectations that were unreasonable and unaligned with Christ. Through my writing of my kid’s book and the journey of self-publishing, I’ve had the opportunities to show the love of Christ. Now, I work with special needs adults, too. Blogging is actually part of a healthy balance I have found that has strengthened my resolve to connect to parts of the world, and its people, that I never would have otherwise. I’m always grateful when your posts “pop up” in my reader. I don’t always understand the algorithms of a system, but I know when God speaks! And especially through his followers. Keep being a light and voice, Andy! Let us not become weary…God bless you and yours!

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    1. Thank you so much. It is so encouraging whenever you leave a comment! Your words are so refreshing. I really appreciate you, and all of the connections I’ve made through this blog. And even if I only ever get singledigit views, it will be worth it for the people I have met. Thank you again

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      1. You’re so welcome, Andy! I’m so glad my comments are encouraging! I appreciate you so much! May God continue to bless you and yours and our community of believers on our journeys together!

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  4. This was a good opportunity to take stock of why I blog, thank you Andy. I agree with Bruce, blogging has many working parts starting with ministering to oneself and our relationship with God. Sharing our discoveries with others serves God often in ways we will never know, although we may be blessed by a glimpse of how our words have helped others. That for me is the biggest thrill and reason to praise God, from whom all things come. I do pay attention to stats but try not to be ruled by them too much. I have noticed that the title of a post is hugely important; evidence in my stats for this is the popularity of “Prayer Warriors Still Required” in the last two years. Another thing I noticed that the time of post publishing makes a difference; based upon most participants are from the USA. I post mostly at just after midnight UK time (5pm East Coast USA), but if I post the next morning at 10am UK time (5am East Coast USA) my viewing figures drop significantly. Thus, there are many aspects to consider in the practicalities of blogging for our Lord.

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  5. Hi Andy, I don’t know if this is “counted” but I read your stuff through email as that’s how I set it up to receive, so going into your blog now so that you know I read them and usually do ! Looking forward to the next one. Sheila Neale x

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  6. Interesting post which addresses what a lot of people think about but won’t admit. I try to listen to the Holy Spirit and be led when I write. I started posting on watsap before I learn about WordPress so most of the feedback I got came from there and people would forward and sometimes send feedback which they got from other people. This was only sometimes so I never get half the actual comments. Something that I have observed it that, there are days when I am led to write something that in my mind does not make a lot of sense. Not that to doesn’t make sense, but that I feel like I am writing about something that I don’t completely understand. Often those blogs get more comments and more comments around being timely or just what people needed to hear. What I believe that God has taught me in that, is that it is not in my own strength or intellect, but in doing what he tells me to do. Another recent surprise for me was realising that my second highest audience is India. I don’t know anyone who lives in India but it does seem like somehow God has created an audience there for me. His ways are past finding out. 🙏🏾

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    1. Thank you, this is very helpful. You are quite right in that we should try to be spirit lead as only he knows what people need to read. Feedback is often helpful, but not the be all and end all. May you continue to be blessed in your writing, and may the Lord grow your audience exponentially!

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      1. Amen. I also discovered that the more blogs you follow, then the more people follow back and this increases likes and comments. My question then is, are we preaching to the choir and are we a bunch of writers scratching each other’s backs/egos?😊


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