New Year Prayers

We find ourselves at another New Year’s Eve! Where does the time go?

If I have mentioned this before on the blog, then I do apologise! There is a church near me who likes to pray in the new year. They hold a gathering in the evening, and begin a late night service together so that the congregation can be praying as the clock strikes twelve. I think this is a wonderful practice, and a great way to start 2022 off in the right way.

Jesus often prayed through the night, such as:

One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God.

Luke 6:12

I too want to start 2022 off in prayer. Due to other commitments, I cannot guarantee that I’ll actually be praying when the stroke of midnight comes, but I do want to spend some time today with the Lord.

For at least part of my prayers, I want this verse from the psalms to be a focus:

By day the Lord directs his love, at night his song is with me— a prayer to the God of my life.

Psalm 42:8

Every day this new year, let the Lord’s love be directed towards us, and may He sing over us in the night. May we each be rooted and grounded in His love which endures forever! Let us rejoice in His forgiveness, and joy that comes from knowing He remembers our sins no more!

I know that not everyone will be starting this new year in a state of joy, and many face trials of various kinds. So, how can I pray for you? What is happening in your life and how can I lift these things to our gracious God?

There are numerous ways to get in touch with me and let me know your prayer requests or praise reports. Simply comment below if easiest, and others can join in praying also. If your request is more private, please use the Contact form.

As ever, I consider it a tremendous privilege to pray for you. I believe in the power of prayer, and believe that God is ever active and responsive to the calls of His people.

In years gone by, my family and I have kept a “blessing jar” where we note down the blessings that have come to us throughout the year. We jot down anything from promotions at work, to special times of worship, to new friends made. Then, on New Year’s Eve, we go through them and remind ourselves of the goodness of God.

What do you have to be thankful for this year? There were no doubt many problems that you faced, and many you overcame. What has God done for you this year that you could thank Him for? As well as your prayer requests, I’d be glad to offer up a word of thanks to Him too. We are a family, and as God blesses you, I rejoice in that too!

Whatever you are doing this New Year’s Eve, be it a big party or a quiet time alone at home, take a moment to thank Jesus for the year gone by and say a word of prayer for the year to come.

May God richly bless you and those you love in the next twelve months!

7 thoughts on “New Year Prayers

  1. I’m thankful my heart is beating normally! Not something I’ve ever assumed I’d have to consider…but it wasn’t, and now is. For that, and my beautiful family, I’m grateful to God for the blessings of my wife and 3 boys..

    Our hearvhas been shockingly bad!!! But, God’s goodness still prevails, and He is just as caring for me as ever.

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    1. I know that you have had an especially difficult year this year. As it happens, I had already noted down that I wanted to pray for you and your family today. Likewise, I am grateful your heart is beating well now too! Thank the lord for you and your family, and particularly for your ministry and efforts for the gospel of Jesus Christ.


      1. Thanks Andy

        Yes, certainly a rougher year this year after 4 years that were a little less rough

        Looking forward to a move, and a new lifestyle!!

        Thanks for your prayers. We’ve had a few comments about people praying for us recently… every one is incredibly precious!

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  2. What a beautiful post, Andy! Happy New Year to you and yours. I’m so thankful to God for his abundant blessings. Will you pray for my Father and me? We both are awaiting diagnosis that are crucial for our health. I appreciate my prayer warriors so much! God bless you! I spent this morning in prayer, like every morning, thanking God for making it to the end of another tough year. So many people fighting battles; and it’s a comfort knowing WHOSE HANDS WE’RE IN! Coupled with the hope of heaven–we’re winning!

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