Berry Bunch on WordPress

If you are familiar with the wonderful work of the Berry Bunch family, then you may already be aware of the brand-new website which launched on 1st February.

What you may not be aware of, is that things did not quite go according to plan… The Berry bunch, WordPress blog did not transfer over as expected, and unfortunately lost all of its subscribers!

This is a real shame! If you were a previous follower of the Berry bunch, then you can find the new look WordPress blog here:

If you were not a previous subscriber, then I strongly encourage you to become one today! Andy, Jo and the boys share a variety of materials designed to encourage you and your family in your walk with God.

There is much I could say about this wonderful family and their tremendous ministry, and there are few who truly follow Jesus, as faithfully as this family. I can honestly say they are an inspiration to me!

As well as the blog, you can find all of the materials on the brand-new website here:

And do head over to Amazon to check out one of Andy‘s awesome books!

Have a great day!

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