Leading Home Bible Study for Children (RB)

Today I am sharing this very helpful resource for anyone leading home Bible studies for children. Hope you find it useful

Establish the need: How do I teach my children? Purpose: This session we will look at three points concerning Parents have an obligation to teach …

Leading Home Bible Study for Children

6 thoughts on “Leading Home Bible Study for Children (RB)

  1. I was forced to sit and endure some woefully awful ‘bible times’ at home. I think it made a permanent effect on me because it took a long time for me to ever want to read scripture.

    God redeemed that experience for me, though, and created in me a passion for reading scripture and getting others excited about reading it too – especially children and families

    there is much good in the article

    however, the one thing I think they miss out on – which is something I have seen as a common element missing far too often – is to ensure that we teach our children to love Jesus more.

    because, as important as reading God’s word is – and spending time as a family looking at it – I can’t stress enough the importance of introducing children to their own relationship with Jesus.

    without the Holy Spirit the bible is only a [very] good book. but, when we are choosing to follow Jesus it truly becomes the living word that we devour and which sustains us

    children, just like us, need a relationship with Jesus more than they need scripture or bible study (as needed, as good and as profitable as those things are)

    but if they love Jesus, the rest happens far more really easily and naturally

    having been in full time children’s ministry, I have MANY thoughts on this particular topic as you will appreciate Andy, and I could go go on for thousands of words, but will stop here

    oh, one last thing, rather than leading all our bible studies, it’s great to let the children lead us in bible studies too – once they know Jesus. they’re our brothers and sisters in Christ and we have much to learn

    Peter was leading bible studies [albeit with much help to make it happen] once he became a Christian at 4.

    Andy B

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    1. Thank you very much Andy. I really value your thoughts and input on this one, as you have so much experience in this area. I quite agree that the goal of Bible study and life itself is to have a good relationship with Jesus. Anyone of us can know the Bible without knowing Jesus, but that is not Christianity.


      1. Amen!

        I’ve had parents in literal tears because their children are visibly ‘walking away from their faith’

        But it was always to me apparent that their children had never had their own faith (or they weren’t walking away from a faith, but a church meeting place) – they were simply doing what their parents told them, until they were old enough to have the courage to say no. Theyd never been engaged with Jesus – just church and/or the bible, and neither of those two can save us.

        Usually around 14-16 is when they are seen to walk away. But they’d walked away many years earlier

        We need to let our relationship with Jesus ooze out of us. Children need to see us get things wrong and say sorry. They need to see our own excitement about Jesus, and be led to Him as soon as they’re ready and 3 or 4 years old is plenty old enough for a deliberate choice to follow Jesus. Ours were 4, 4, and 3 respectively.

        Then we simply use proverbs 22:6 and teach them the way to go

        Bible study is important. But a relationship with Jesus is much more so.


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