Fix the Roof (PoW)

Pearls of Wisdom

Fix the roof while the Sun is shining

Are you putting something off that you know you ought to be doing?

For instance, have you been putting off your regular dental checks? you may not have toothache right now, and perhaps you just don’t have the time to visit the dentist or want to face the expense at the moment.

Perhaps your car has been making an unusual sound, the occasional whiff of smoke, or even the check engine light has come on. Yet, you have not found the time to visit the Mechanic.

Maybe you knew about a hole in your roof, yet the summer has stretched out before you without a drop of rain in sight.I will fix the roof later, you think, but later never comes. While later may not have come, if you live in the UK, the rain certainly will!

Turning to spiritual matters, perhaps there is a sin or bad habit in your life that you know you need to be rid of.

Maybe you have felt the Lord leading you to pick up your bible more often, or to kneel down in prayer more frequently. later, you think…

My advice to you today is to fix the roof while the Sun is shining! Because you never know when a raincloud may form.

Don’t put things off that you know you need to do now. Do not wait until it is too late!

When the toothache comes or the car breaks down in the middle of the road, you will wish you had taken the necessary steps in advance.

Likewise, when the storms of life hit you, and they will, you will regret not having a firm grasp on your Bible or not having spent more time with the Lord in prayer.

The ultimate example is to put off making a commitment to Jesus Christ as your saviour and not put this off dear reader! Get on your knees today and commit your life to Jesus! Do it now, while you can, for later may not come.

Take my advice today, fix the roof while the Sun is shining! And have a great day

11 thoughts on “Fix the Roof (PoW)

  1. one of our issues is that we’re about 5 years (probably longer) from being on any local dentist’s books, in order to get any check ups etc or work that may be needed in the future

    NHS dentists aren’t just rare around here…..they’re pretty much non existent…really hoping we have no dental needs for a good many years yet, or it’ll be A & E for us for quite a while…

    great post though – totally agree

    just wish we could actually find a way of accessing any of our local dentists (for us that is anything within 1 hour driving in a car each way) to prevent any issues

    Andy B

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      1. That’s awful! I know if you have an emergency you can still get help, but the point of my post is a little preventative action can hopefully me and you avoid an emergency. But dental care in the UK is probably not the best example!


  2. Here in the heart of the Rockies of Colorado, it is “make hay while the sun shines” We have one rancher who always gets his hay, cut, baled, and stacked before the summer monsoons start. You can almost set your watch by him. One other rancher still has yet to finish, and some of his hay is cut and getting rained on, other parts not cut yet. By putting it off, his hay might get moldy once baled. Just like your analogy, we don’t want our souls getting moldy by procrastinating what we need to do spiritually.

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