The Berean Approach – Andy Brown

I don’t want you to just take my word for it… We take a little break from our current series on Psalm 103 to discuss something important. It is an immense privilege to share God’s Word with you through this blog, and I take that responsibility very seriously. But you, the reader, have a responsibility…
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6 thoughts on “The Berean Approach – Andy Brown

  1. This is so important Andy. To test what we read and hear against Scripture. It requires time and effort on our part but so necessary to avoid false doctrine and false teaching which is close to the truth but not the truth. It’s the subtle deception that can ensnare us.

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  2. Who was it said that wrong is easy to spot, but nearly wrong is much harder?

    “Be cautiously and prayerfully open minded.”


    “Make sure your beliefs are founded on Scripture, not on tradition or society’s expectations.”

    If we followed these two quotes I lifted from your blog, we’d have far less people taken away from the real truth of God’s word.

    This is food-rich post!

    Andy B

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  3. Well written, Andy. The Berean Approach is a good one. I remember, while at seminary, I took the class called Systematic Theology. Here I discovered that there are multiple thoughts about major doctrines presented in the scripture. For instance, John Calvin and Martin Luther read the same Bible but didn’t agree completely on what it said. This is why we must, “search for ourselves if these things be true.” Like the Bereans. God Bless!

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    1. Thank you, very helpful thought.

      As you say, some of the great theologians had very different interpretations of the very same Bible. That is why I am all for understanding scripture as a whole rather than just selected parts. As I grow and mature as a believer, my understanding grows as well, and so things I used to believe or perhaps less true than I originally thought

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  4. I remember this post Andy! That in itself is amazing with my memory, but what it does say is that when I first read this it made an impression on me. This is a message we can never hear enough of, reminding us to keep ourselves in His Word and testing what preachers/writers are saying to us. Thank you for re-posting brother, God bless you and your family.

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