How To Be A Welcoming Church – Andy Brown

I happened to catch an episode of “Veggie Tales” the other morning while my children were watching it. If you are not familiar, it is a kids show starring Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber. In this particular episode, Bob had taken on a job of Chief Greeter at a local shop. He started…
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8 thoughts on “How To Be A Welcoming Church – Andy Brown

  1. Excellent

    I’d chip in that people with children may have no intention of ever using provided alternatives to the first service they find themselves in, and that’s absolutely fine – if your ‘adult’ church service is unsuitable, then the church service needs to adapt, not the people who have come for the first time…please don’t ever rxpect them to hand their children to total strangers.

    Also, I truly wish every church would permanently ditch the obsession of imitating school!!!!!!!!!!!!! It isn’t school, it’s church – the two should have nothing to do with each other, EVER!! For a million reasons I won’t type here.

    Church is an utterly alien concept with many families having no experience crossing the threshold! It is alien for those who are regular church goers too…do I take the wine at the front? Oh it’s Ribena, or is it grape juice here? No it’s wine, nope, you use grapes? and we all get a cup…do I drink it when I want to? Oh, no you all to take it together here. And that’s just one part of communion that I’ve seen handled a hundred ways

    The other issue with welcomers is greeting people they know and shunning those they don’t, by default….that’s certainly worse than having nobody welcoming at all…been there and promptly left too as it was very clear we weren’t important enough to be spoken to politely when we didn’t suddenly surrender our children to strangers, doing who knows what and where. And why would I give you all of those personal details when I’ve just arrived and walked in the building? Can’t I just come to worship?

    Great post! Much to consider and chew on!

    I have WAY TOO MUCH to say on this topic so will shut up now 😉

    Except to say that pubs have this spot on. If churches really want to know what a welcome should be like, go order a pint in a pub, and watch what happens when you get it knocked over and are given a fresh one with an apology and a smile.

    Just a though…

    Andy B

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    1. Absolutely, completely agree with you there. Lots to consider! And certainly should not expect first timers to leave their children with complete strangers irrespective of how well trained or prepared they are. I love the idea of a church being as welcoming as a pub!

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