Lost in Paris #TestimonyTuesday

In this audio clip, Andy shares a story of a time he and a group of friends were lost in Paris.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris

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5 thoughts on “Lost in Paris #TestimonyTuesday

  1. “A nod from God.” Yes, I’ve experienced these apparent coincidences before myself. God does answer our prayers and He always keeps His word. Thank you for prayer as well! I enjoyed your audio testimony! God Bless you, Andy!

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  2. Awesome. Such an amazing testimony! Daniel experienced am immediate prayer, and one that, well, wasn’t.

    “It’s just a coincidence” eventually just becomes an excuse, as we all know the difference between right and wrong (can never remember that scripture!).

    Glad you found your friend, and love God’s timing in that!!!

    Andy B

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