People are a good use of time (PoW)

Pearl of Wisdom

People are a good use of your time

When our lives get really busy, it can be all too easy to start deprioritising other people in our lives.

We are rushing to get the kids to school, bump into a friend we haven’t seen in a while but don’t take the time to stop and talk. You sense they may need a chat or some support, but the onward rush carries you forward. You intend to call them later, but later never comes.

Sometimes we see people as a distraction from what we are trying to achieve. We can get so focused on ourselves that we neglect other people.

People are always a good use of time. No matter how busy we are, don’t see it as a waste of time, but rather see it as an investment.

Time spent helping someone, or meeting a need, or just listening is usually a much more productive thing to do than anything else we had planned.

Be a Good Samaritan, and keep on the look out for people who might be seeking help. We are not on this Earth to serve ourselves, so leave a positive mark by putting someone else first today.

God bless you.

Note: I have not forgotten that I am in the middle of a short series on Psalm 92. I will pick this up again shortly and finish of discussing that beautiful song of praise. Keep a look out for part three soon!


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