I’m blogging on the go this evening as I made the slight mistake of being away during a global pandemic! That’s the way the cookie crumbles I guess!

It has been very interesting to see people’s reactions to this crisis. I have seen many posts from different Christians with quite a range of views about it.

Some believe this is the judgement of God which we are long overdue for. Others claim it as a sign of the End Times. Some believe it to be a man made weapon which we’ve brought down on ourselves. And some just a consequence of living in a fallen world.

It is not my intention tonight to convince you of any of these views. I’ll leave all of that to you, and to do your own study!

It is clear however that whatever the cause of this pandemic, it has gotten a lot of people thinking. When hard times fall, and in whatever shape they take, we tend to start considering our position. When times are good, we might rarely give God a second thought. But when things start falling apart, we quickly realise how little control we have over our lives and understand we need God to be in charge.

Whatever your thoughts on this crisis, use it as an opportunity to assess your relationship to God. Do you believe in Him? If so, do you have a relationship with Him? We must all face our mortality, and there is no doubt that this virus has caused many of us to reflect on our lives… and our eternity.

Don’t wait! Don’t put off the most important decision of your life – no, of your eternity! Come to Jesus right now, wherever you are. I cannot promise you won’t be affected by this virus, but I can tell you that God with be with you throughout.

Starting a relationship with Christ is as simple as ABC.

A is for Admit or Acknowledge. We must admit our sin, our wrongdoing, and we must acknowledge that we need a Saviour.

B is for Believe. Once we know we need a Saviour, we must believe in the One who died for us. That is Jesus Christ. We must believe in Him and trust in what He has done for us. Christ died on the cross for all of us, He was buried, and after three days He rose to new life!

C is to confess. We must confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord. We must believe it, and say it. Every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord – one day – so we may as well start now!

If you are ready to do so, take a moment to pray right now. The words you use aren’t as important as your heart behind them. But as a guide, say something like this:

“Father, I believe in your Son Jesus Christ. I believe that He died for me at the cross and rose again on the third day. I am truly sorry for all of my sin and for rebelling against you. I turn to you now, asking you to forgive me, and ask your Holy Spirit to come and live within me. In Jesus’ name. Amen”

Stay safe out there and God bless you.

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