Volunteer #SundaySuggestion

In a previous Sunday Suggestion entitled – Serving Sunday – I encouraged you to go to church looking for ways to serve. We do need to be built up and encouraged by going to church, but it is also not just about what we get out of it. We go to church to worship God, to meet with fellow believers, and to serve the family of God.

Today’s suggestion is of a similar nature. Why not go to church today and volunteer to help out with something? It need not be a big commitment, like taking on a new home group, but can be something smaller such as serving coffee or stacking chairs.

In particular, go with open eyes looking for opportunities. Where is it that your church needs help? Is there a way in which you can step into that gap and make a difference.

Perhaps your church has a set of rotas to sign up for different jobs such as cleaning, offering lifts or praying before the service. If so, ask the Lord to guide you and add your name if you feel prompted.

If there really isn’t anything more you can do right now, then I understand. Life is generally busy and sometimes the thought of taking on another job, no matter how small, is overwhelming. Instead then, why not recognise the volunteers around you and just give them a word of thanks. It will be appreciated I am sure, and it is right to honour those who freely give their time for the good of the fellowship.

Your church may have a pastor or vicar, it may also have a leadership team or group of elders or deacons, but it is not their role to do everything! The church can only work if we all do our part. Too often, a few people do more than their fair share and end up burning out. If we share the load, we will all be far more effective for God’s kingdom.

Your #church may have a pastor, and may also have a leadership team or group of elders, but it is not their role to do everything! #Christianity

So how can you contribute? Don’t sign up for something you cannot deliver on, but do chip in in whatever way you can.

Have a great Sunday!

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