Impromptu Invite – Sunday Suggestion

Most churches have some form of coffee or refreshment after the service on a Sunday morning. This can be a great time of fellowship, but often (especially with children) it can fly by too fast and you do not get the chance to really speak with people. Why not extend that time of encouragement by inviting someone back to your home for a meal?

I know what you are thinking, “I need to plan that sort of thing…” “I haven’t cleaned up yet this weekend…” or “I’m not sure there’s enough food to go around.” While you may be able to make the house more presentable, or you may be able to serve up a better meal if you plan ahead, the point is not the perfect surroundings or exquisite cuisine. The point is to connect with people.

Aside from when I’m in the pulpit, I’m generally an introvert kind of person. An afternoon spent with people I do not know well sounds a lot like hard work to me! Yet this is the kind of hard work that pays. It will be a blessing to you, of course, but more importantly it will be a blessing to your guest.

In our busy world and hectic lives, we rarely have time to develop strong and deep relationships with people. Nothing can achieve this without time and investment. There are times when we do click with people without much effort, but generally all relationships take time and effort.

The Bible says:

Be glad to take other Christians into your house and care for them. And do not grumble about it.

10 God has given each person a gift. That gift is something he can do. Each one should use his gift to help the others. In that way you all make good use of the many blessings God has given you.

11 Has God blessed you by knowing how to talk? Then you should talk the words of God. Are you a helper? Then you should help with the strength God has given you. In all that you do, you should show that God is great through Jesus Christ. He has praise and power for ever. Yes, he has!

1 Peter 4:9011 WEB

Be glad to take other Christians into your house and care for them #Bible #hospitality

There is nothing I can add to this! Be glad to bring believers into your home, share with them, build them up and make them feel part of the family – because they are.

Have a great Sunday!

5 thoughts on “Impromptu Invite – Sunday Suggestion

  1. This is a wonderful idea, Andy. Lunch comes right after Sunday worship, for most us, so why not skip the noisy restaurant and invite someone to your home? As you said, it may not be fancy. The point is to get to know a fellow believer better.


  2. Hi, Andy! Happy Sunday! I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve stopped by. When I was younger we always had Sunday guests (and of course, family). I believe these rich connections are an extension to what God hopes for all of us~to fellowship with one another! Blessings to you and yours!


  3. Years ago we often had brethren from church over for dinner or lunch, it was simply beautiful to share with others. But those were in different churches which were more open. On the plus side we renewed contact with a dear sister this weekend and we are pleased to have her coming to visit us on Wednesday. So yes, church is not a social club with fixed hours…it is a family!


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