Pearl of Wisdom #9

We judge others by their behaviour, but ourselves by our intent.

It is interesting how we often treat ourselves one way, and others another. There are many areas where this is true, but consider behaviour versus intent.

As we encounter someone in life, we judge them by what they say and do. That’s not wrong necessarily, and by judge, I don’t mean look on them critically but rather just understanding them.

We cannot always determine their intent, but can see what their behaviour is like.

Sadly, we don’t assess ourselves in the same way. We consider our intentions and not our behaviour. When something goes wrong, we say things like “I never meant that to happen,” or “I didn’t mean to cause offense.” But we rarely extend the same grace to others.

If someone has hurt or offended you today, consider their intentions. Did they mean to do it, or were there reasons why it might have happened? It doesn’t diminish your hurt of course, but give them the benefit of the doubt.

Mostly intentions are good, even if behaviour doesn’t line up with it. You give yourself a break, so do the same for others.

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