Pearl of Wisdom #3

Anger is a fire; while it can cook your dinner, it can also burn your house down.

We tend to think of anger as a bad thing, but it is not always so. When we think of anger in our society, it is usually out of control and directed towards the wrong things, but that doesn’t make it bad in itself.

When anger is directed towards injustice or sin, it drives us to action. This is a good thing. When we see someone being bullied, a child being mistreated or people in positions of power abusing their role, it is right for us to be angry and act.

That anger must be in control however, and must be in proportion.

What makes you angry? Is it directed towards the right things? If it is not in control, then you may need to get some help. Talk to God about this and He will guide you forward.

Bless you.

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