In giving, we receive (Best of 2021)

In this latest “best of “post, we return to the subject of giving. Not my own teaching this time, but one from my church when they visited our local school.

Don’t let the fact that this video is intended for children put you off. There have been times in my life when the family talk, aimed at younger people, has spoken to me more than the full length, adult sermon!

At this time of year, we tend to look back over the last 12 months to review how things have gone. This is an excellent time to look at you’re giving for the year. Have you given where the Lord has directed you? What is he asking you to give next year?

Remember – God loves a cheerful giver!

I hope you enjoy the video.

7 thoughts on “In giving, we receive (Best of 2021)

      1. Oh…a soap box if mine for sure and absolutely

        “My aspiration is to be like Jesus”

        Heard it many times and it means many different things to different people.

        For me, it is my joy of speaking to the while family, not just a select few

        Jesus spoke to the crowd and everyone was represented

        That is the part I aspire to emulate… speaking so that there is a message for everyone

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      2. An older gentleman got baptised. He was nearly 60 years old, but an accident had caused physically damage to his brain.

        While I don’t like the language someone used to describe him (and why they felt the need to highlight it since he was our brother in Christz first and last), I was told (I was leading worship for his baptism) that ‘he had a mental age of around 8 years age’.

        As with the others getting baptised, he gave his testimony

        “Jesus loves me. I love Jesus. He said get baptised so I am.”

        No clever script. No carefully worded lines or crafted sentences.

        Just raw, child like, lhre, honest truth.

        And a truth we should all emulate!

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